Sewing instruction

Learn expert sewing techniques in a comfortable, fun environment. Elaine provides personalized, hands-on training for design, pattern-making and construction of any creative idea or fashion application. It’s perfect for the student who wishes to pursue a fashion career or is very serious about interpreting their own ideas into garments and already has some sewing experience.

  • Hands-on, customized instruction
  • By appointment
  • $250.00 for the first two hours of instruction

In two hours time, Elaine will provide instruction on how to take a favorite garment or garments and replicate the pattern with improved fit. We also have time to pin and cut out the pattern (Elaine prefers to always make it in a muslin first) and begin the sewing process. At the end of the session, a student will typically get a garment or pattern plus instruction for about what it costs to buy the item.

Elaine also teaches students who are new to sewing about how to use their machine, how to read a simple store-bought pattern, pin, cut and begin to sew.

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